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Black Widow (2021) - Between redemption and a little too late to give Natasha her dues

  *this article contains spoilers for "Black Widow" (2021)* The best part of my life was fake. (Yelena Belova) Ye of little faith. Finally, the last hurrah of Natasha is here. And for me, it feels a little too late although it's filled to the brim with right intentions and all that Kevin Feige and the Marvel machine can put together for the Avengers constantly forgotten hero. A friend asked me if this movie is worth his time and as a I type this now, all I can think about is exactly what I told him. I enjoyed: the intro with the cover of "Smells like teen spirit" infused into the tale of young Natasha - played by Ever Anderson aka the daughter of Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson - a cover eternally used on movie tributes on YouTube for the Avengers  - David Harbour's take of Alexei aka Red Guardian, so over the top that is perfectly delightful, Rachel Weisz as a the mother figure and older generation of the Black Widow's project and Florence Pugh a

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