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“No protectors here”

A movie review by Miriam Mircea So, before we get into it, I’ve got a confession to make: I have been playing for the Marvel team for years. I occasionally enjoy breaking the “routine” with some DC, never hurts checking out the “competition”, does it? But this movie here? I’ve been waiting for it to drop just like most of us, who willingly consume comics on toast and love every second of it. As I pressed play, I’ve noticed the duration: 4 hours, 2 minutes and 38 seconds... yeah, exactly as long as a part time working shift. So, I dove right in, no time to waste. And that’s exactly how it also began: bringing face to face Affleck and Momoa. The first GTKY~ abbreviation that we, teachers use for “get to know you” lessons~ scene makes Bruce display his “superpower” in front of us, mere mortals. Astonishingly, even superhumans seem to respond to his stimulus... And then, there’s Aquaman in all his tattooed glory, breaking the internet and my laptop screen, as he vanishes into the ice cold

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